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"How to get Big Name
Agents to Choose YOU!"


If you want a book contract with a top New York publisher—and possibly a million dollar deal—the first step is to land the best agent you can get.

To find out how to make a top agent want to represent you, so you can get published, and maybe even see your name on the bestseller list...keep reading about this special program that I'm offering for LESS than my own costs!

Dear Future Bestselling Author,

I've got good news for you:

The agents I talk to—and I talk to a lot of them—are constantly searching for book projects to sell to editors at major publishing houses.

But there's bad news, too. I'll explain in just a second.

My name is Mahesh Grossman. The Fox News channel calls me a "guru" in the publishing world. I'm an author, editor and head of a publishing house with more than 50 books in stores.

I'm also a consultant to authors. My clients include multi-million dollar corporations and bestselling authors who have sold millions of books.

And more important to you, I also coach unknown first-timers on how to get an agent and land a book deal.

"Mahesh Grossman is truly a publishing guru. In fact, he's the guy I personally go to for advice on anything related to publishing."

- Jess Todtfeld
Former Fox News producer and president of Media Training Worldwide

It's absolutely true that you can go from an unknown writer to an author with a book contract practically overnight.

But here's the bad news:

Agents Only Say Yes
To One Out Of 100 Submissions

At most, 1% of hopeful writers succeed in getting an agent.

In other words, out of every 100 authors who submit their work to an agent, 99 get turned down. Some get a polite rejection letter. Some don't get any response at all.

There's one major difference between unsuccessful, agentless authors and the ones who find representation: KNOWLEDGE.

You see, agents, as a group, have their own way of doing things. If you want them to take you on as a client, you need to learn how they think, what they want and what their rules are.

"Mahesh Grossman understands exactly what agents want. If you are an author who wants an agent to sell your book, get his advice-- and follow it!"

- Natasha Kern
Literary Agent

To Avoid the Reject Pile,
You Absolutely Must Show Agents
That YOU Understand What They Want—
Most Authors Don't!

Quite frankly, most authors make a huge mistake.

They spend hundreds, even thousands of hours toiling on their book.

But when it comes to learning how the publishing business works, they hardly spend a second.

Unfortunately, agents and publishers assume that if you haven't taken the time to learn their business, you must not have taken the time to learn to write a decent book.

That's the reason they often reject authors from as little as the first sentence of their cover letters (known as query letters in the publishing business), or even the subject lines of their initial e-mails.

I don't want that to happen to you!

"Mahesh Grossman knows what it takes to stand out from everything else and land the attention of a major publisher."

- W. Terry Whalin
Acquisition Editor for Howard Books (an imprint of Simon & Schuster) and author of Book Proposals That Sell

Find Out What It Takes
to Land the Best Agent
for Your Book and
Your Career!

After getting hundreds of e-mails from frustrated authors, I finally decided it was time to share my secrets.

That's why I created a special program to help up-and-coming authors like you land the publishing deal of your dreams.


AGENT UNIVERSITY is everything I know about getting an agent—from what worked over twenty years ago when I landed my first agent, to what works for my clients today.

It's a seminar on three jam-packed CDs (plus 4 extra bonuses) for anyone who wants be represented by a GREAT agent, get published and become a successful author.

In just under three hours, you can learn the secrets I only share with my personal clients about what to write, say and do to attract the best agent for your book and your career.

Here's just some of what you'll discover when you grab your copy of Agent University:

"Mahesh works with my clients before they pitch their books to agents. His extraordinary advice has made them HUGELY successful in getting agents to say YES."

- Steve Harrison

  • 4 magic words you can say that will attract an agent to you like a cat to catnip.

  • 3 ways to make sure you won't get ripped off by an "agent" who is really a scam artist. (Even while I've been writing this, I just got an e-mail from an author who is jumping for joy over getting an "agent" who is really a rip-off artist. I'll let you know how you can prevent this from happening to you.)

  • The secret to landing an agent if you've already self-published your book. I'll tell you exactly what to say so agents will fight to represent you.

  • 5 ways to actually meet with agents to pitch your idea. Want to get instant feedback and create ongoing relationships with agents? I'll let you know where you can speak with agents face-to-face.

  • How to pick the agent who can get you the most money. Only the top agents can get you the best book deals—both in terms of money and in terms of getting a publisher to spend more of their cash promoting your book. Let me show you how to find out who's great and who's second rate.

  • The 3 biggest mistakes you can make when you sign a contract with an agent how to avoid them. I tell you what to do instead.

"In less than 5 minutes, Mahesh helped me totally transform the way I positioned my book. Now, I have 6 high-powered agents who want to work with me."

- Steve Sashen
author, Find God in Your Wallet

Plus You'll Get Specific Advice about
the Kind of Book YOU Want Published

Ultimately, selling your book is not a one size fits all kind of thing. Different kinds of books require different strategies. That's why, during AGENT UNIVERSITY, I'll tell you step-by-step what you have to do to get an agent whether your non-fiction work is your life story, or a book in the self-help, psychology, how-to, business, Christian, or inspirational categories, including:

  • Three questions you have to answer to get an agent to represent your life story. I'll tell you how to come up with the right responses.

  • The seven things authors of non-fiction need to prove to get an agent interested, whether their topic is business, health, relationships, self-help or inspirational.

  • The biggest mistake writers of Christian, inspirational, and New Age books make. (Oddly enough, though their philosophies are different, these authors have one fatal flaw in common. I'll tell you what it is.)

  • How to approach an agent when you first get started with your book.

PLUS, I'll share a unique strategy that hardly anyone knows about that a few unknown authors have used to get advances of six figures and more.

"Once I followed Mahesh's advice, I actually had a surprisingly easy time getting an agent for my book."

- Clifford Henderson, author, The Land of Forgetting

Your Goal is to Get a Mega-Agent—This is How to Do It No Matter Who You Are!

AGENT UNIVERSITY is for anyone who wants an agent for their book—no matter how far along you are in writing it—even if you've already self-published your book. You will also find it useful if you already have an agent and want to see if you can find a better one.

Here's who should get their below-cost copy of Agent University right away:

  1. Anyone who has finished their manuscript or book proposal and is approaching an agent for the first time.
  2. Anyone who is either beginning or in the middle of writing their book proposal or manuscript who wants to have an edge when they send it to agents.
  3. Anyone who has self-published a book and wants an agent to help them get a deal with a big publisher.
  4. Anyone who has sent their manuscript or book proposal out to agents and has been turned down.
  5. Anyone who wants to learn how to get the best agent possible for their book and their career, even if they already have another agent.
  6. Please note: If you're writing a novel (or any other type of fiction), a children's book, or poetry, Agent University is not for you.

Just Added: Three Unbelievable Super Bonuses!!!

And if the copy of AGENT UNIVERSITY that I'm giving to you below cost weren't enough by itself, you will also get the following bonuses:


Imagine your book on the most important bestseller lists in the country—by that I mean The New York Times®, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Business Week. Master book promoter Michael Drew has moved 42 books onto these lists. He knows exactly how they work, and what you need to do and know to land on them. In my interview with him, he shares secrets every serious author should know.

If you hope to get onto a national bestseller list and make a huge income from future book sales, movie and televison rights, or speaking and consulting fees, this interview will take you a step closer to your dream. It's a $99 value, but it's your additional free bonus with AGENT UNIVERSITY.


Once an editor likes your book, there's a whole other treacherous test to pass before his or her publishing house makes an offer: Your book must be approved by a team called the editorial board.

What goes on at these meetings? What makes a publisher say yes? In my interview with David Nelson, a former VP of Sales who sat on these boards at both Penguin and Harcourt—you'll get the inside scoop, including how publishers decide how much to pay authors for their books. He literally says things here that you can't find out any other way.

You really have to get your hands on this CD or the transcript. This one hour bonus interview is one more free bonus with AGENT UNIVERSITY—a $99 value.

Wait, I've got One More Bonus—but only if You Sign Up for AGENT UNIVERSITY Today


This may be the most powerful strategy I can possibly offer you.

It's a little-known tactic that can increase the size of your book deal by $100,000 or more, even if you're a first-time author nobody but your mother has heard of.

Agents and publishers love this approach and open up their pocketbooks to anyone who can pull it off. But almost no one utilizes this technique. The last two rookie scribes I know who employed this marketing strategy—and they were total unknowns—landed book deals worth literally over $200,000! Why? Because they found a way to get their book promoted to more than ten million readers, without spending a penny of their own money.

I managed to squeeze the secrets to this strategy out of an author who has successfully implemented it to earn several hundred thousand dollars with his book. This interview is yours if you are one of the first hundred people to grab your copy of AGENT UNIVERSITY.

(The interview itself is worth $99, but if you use this strategy, it could be worth as much as half a million dollars to you.)

Let's Wrap This Up

Here's a recap of what you're going to get when you click to order AGENT UNIVERSITY:

  1. AGENT UNIVERSITY, The jam-packed 3 CD set that tells you how to land a big name agent that can get you the best possible deal for your book.

  2. Behind the BestSeller Lists: Secrets to Making it to the Top

  3. Inside the Editorial Boardroom: How Publishers Really Decide to Buy Your Book

  4. The Secret $100,000 Strategy for First-Time Authors (only for the first 200 people who sign up)

All told, you get almost 8 hours worth of information and coaching—worth $514.77!

Similar products offering this much information from gurus in other industries cost between $300 and $500.

But because I want to help you get published, I'm giving you AGENT UNIVERSITY and the bonuses—a set of 6 CDss—for only a nominal charge of $29.95 in the US, and $34.95 for international orders.

So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE NOW to grab AGENT UNIVERSITY while I'm crazy enough to give it away.

Here's to your bestseller,

Mahesh Grossman

P.S. (Think of how much it will be worth to you if just one piece of information in AGENT UNIVERSITY helps you become a bestselling author! Get it NOW.)